The Zone Diet vs. Jenny Craig Weight Loss


Our Honest Review:

The Zone Diet is based on a simple theory of 40/30/30 -- which means that 40% of calories should be from carbs, 30% from protein, and 30% from fats. This program was created by Dr. Barry Sears and the well known book was published about this diet called "Enter the Zone".

In theory, when a dieter eats a meal which is "40/30/30" -- then it's referred to as a "Zone Favorable" meal.

Dr. Sears claims that if you make all meals "Zone Favorable" then your body will have reduced insulin levels, which will lead to increased weight loss and fat burning.

However, we do not agree that eating a 40/30/30 meal (Zone Favorable meal) is the best way to reduce insulin levels.

Just think of how difficult this diet is to follow knowing that you will have to calculate everything you eat "precisely" at every meal (who has enough time to entertain such calculations? They are very tedious, and are useless to anyone with a busy schedule).

...The average dieter will find this diet to be nothing short of impossible, and therefore we DO NOT recommend the Zone Diet program.

So, you don't have time to spend an hour calculating the calories of every meal before you eat it? No problem, the makers of this diet have even created their own line of ultra-expensive Zone Favorable Food products (such as Zone bars, Zone Shakes, and other Zone products for dieters).

Such products cost much more than "average food" even if the diet were to cause great results, your pocket would be at a loss long before your belly fat!!! Yet one more reason why we do not recommend using this program is because it will make you broke!

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is a bit more traditional and simple in our opinion, though it also carries the downfall of being very pricey (also, the methods that it uses are proven to be ineffective for most people).

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Jenny Craig seems to be based on eating fewer calories while exercising more, which is half wrong and half right in concept. Just about the only get assigned your own weight loss expert (nutrition counselor) who can help to keep you motivated each week.

Jenny Craig has many weight loss centers throughout the world, and if dieters live close to a facility then they can choose to meet with a nutrition consultant "in person". If dieters do not live near a facility then they can choose to meet with their nutrition counselor "via telephone" each week.

Either way, you'll be forced to buy Jenny Craig's expensive "pre-packaged" meals. The pre-packaged meals are pretty much "low calorie" versions of T.V. dinners (only more expensive and less satisfying).

These pre-packaged meals are basically lower calorie versions of what you can get at your local grocery store, but we have already discussed that the secret to fat loss is NOT about reducing calories.

Basically, Jenny Craig will have you eating fewer calories (smaller portioned meals) and exercising more while meeting weekly with a nutrition counselor (who will keep you motivated so that you don't quit the diet).

But don't forget, the fact that you will be forced to buy Jenny Craig's pre-packaged food every single week will break your bank account.

Bottom line, the Jenny Craig program requires you to continually spend your money again and again on special packaged foods (which we all know works...right? WRONG).

When we compare the Zone Diet to Jenny Craig we find that both programs are to expensive to deliver results. Though the science behind the Zone Program is somewhat effective, it's just not practical. Overall, we strongly recommend against both of these weight loss programs.

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