Why Low Carb Diets Aren't Good For Fat Loss...


Did you know that low carb diets regularly fail for long-term weight loss? That's right, even though these diets are very good at losing quick weight initially, they have high rates of failure if you are looking to keep the weight off forever.

The high rate of failure is due mostly in part to the fact that these diets are done in completely the wrong way 99% of the time. The end result is a miserable experience from the diet and an immediate re-gain of weight after the diet is ended by the once successful dieter.

Why did this happen?

You see, all too often people begin a new low-carb fad diet with unlimited motivation and end with a lagging performance. It shouldn't be this way and it doesn't have to.

The key to having success with a low carb diet is to use the diet in a way that reduces sugar cravings gradually and allows your body to reset it's blood sugar levels at a slow pace.

However, you will notice that all conventional low carb diets currently out on the market never explain this to their dieters! And while you have to sit back and go through weight loss hell, you are wondering why a diet claiming to be so easy to follow is causing you a great deal of pain.

The fact is, if you have a diet that manipulates the powerful fat burning hormones in your body in the right way, these ridiculous cravings never occur.

How powerful are these hormones? Well, you would consider your cravings for sweets to be pretty strong right?

After all, this craving is so strong for most people that it overcomes any amount of will power to lose weight.

Can this be said about YOUR cravings for certain types of foods?

Do your cravings take advantage of your actions when you walk by your refrigerator and tell you to eat that evil tub of ice cream even when you know it's wrong?

If you can relate to the cravings I am talking about, then you know just how strong hormones can effect your thinking, actions, and yes...your weight loss.

In fact, your fat burning hormones are 10x stronger at burning fat than your fat adding hormones are at giving you cravings.

The only issue is that the foods you are eating right now are literally programming your body to store fat. These same hormones also keep sending your brain the food cravings you can't seem to beat. It's a slow deadly process that eventually leads to obesity and increased risk for every single other lifestyle related disease known to man.

The only way to avoid this deadly cycle and put an ending to the fat gaining cycle is to start eating foods that program your body for fat loss. You are either losing weight or gaining weight, there is no such thing as maintenance when it comes to weight loss.

Also, you are either losing body fat or gaining body fat. There is no such thing as maintaining your body fat levels. For this reason, you should never set a goal of maintaining your current weight because you will most likely be eating foods that are causing you to gain weight.

Your body is constantly following the orders that you are giving it with each and every bite of food you take. Now do you understand how important the food you eat is to losing weight? Simply put...your weight loss goals are 100% dependent on the food you eat.

Now, everyone who has ever tried a low carb diet knows how painful they are. This painful dieting method is responsible for breaking the inner spirit of many serious dieters and only an elite few ever make it to see success with traditional low carb diets.

There is no doubt that certain elements of low carb dieting can produce success for many dieters, but how do we modify these diets so that even someone of modest will power can take hold of the positives they posses and get the weight loss results they desire?

It's simple. You have to modify the diet to slowly stop the fat adding, craving hormones you produce right now....and start adding the fat burning hormones you WILL produce QUICKLY.

How is this done?

The only way to manipulate your fat burning hormone levels safely is through a specially designed diet that does so. Fat burning hormones can't be changed through supplement pills, patches or other "fad" weight loss products.

The entire process of weight loss is nothing more than a hormonal game physically...and a confidence game psychologically or mentally. You have to have confidence in your program to get you the results you hope for.

Let's look at a real life example...

If you were to stop eating all carbs right now, you could probably drop 5lbs. in a week easily. However, your carb cravings would be so strong that you would probably fold under pressure 4-5 days into your low-carb miracle diet.

....and next...

Guess what happens?

--> The Right Way To Do Low-Carb

Your suddenly stealing the last bite of ice cream from your loved ones while your on the couch and the downward spiral begins.

You will end up going after all the starchy carbs and high sugar foods even worse than when you were on your prior diet.

Not good right?

So here's a better way to do it.

Instead, you could invest in an incredibly effective weight loss solution that has worked for thousands of people just like one.

You could follow the eating plan day by day with little thought to what you are even doing and end up losing weight week after week with little to no effort just by eating exactly what it tells you to eat...

To begin losing weight fast we recommend using The Secret 2 Fat Loss because it does not require you to totally eliminate carbs (it is one of the only diets in the world that enables you to lose weight without low carb hell).

You can begin this new diet right here.

Discover Why Low Carb Diets Don't Work.


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