The Food Pyramid Makes You Fat!


You have heard about the food pyramid right? The government loves to talk about the "ideal diet" and the "ideal foods" you should be eating. However, don't be fooled by this seemingly perfect blueprint to health.

Recently, the government (US Department of Agriculture) has recently "upgraded" it's food pyramid -- but the truth is that it's still the perfect blueprint for FORCING your body to get fat!

It's important to remember that the Food Pyramid was never intended for individuals seeking "weight loss". Instead, it was created to be a guideline for eating created by big food companies that relied on the FDA to make their pockets fatter.

The Food Pyramid is supposed to be a general nutrition guide for healthy eating, but instead it is the perfect blueprint for becoming overweight, unhealthy and further down the road...obese.

In other words, what you have been taught in the past about your diet is a COMPLETE LIE.

Secondly, the new Food Pyramid is based on vague nutritional guidelines which are designed to keep you wondering why your "healthy eating" is making you fat. It advocates that people should eat specific "servings" of food, but really, do you think that if our Food Pyramid was so effective that we would have so many obese children?

...Don't you think that school lunches are based on the Food Pyramid -- why then are people of all ages getting fatter and fatter at faster rates EVER SINGLE YEAR?

To be blunt, it's not a solution for weight loss -- nor is it a practical solution for healthy eating. In fact, the Food Pyramid is as far from a sound weight loss method as you can get --- it is the fastest route to getting a bigger waistline.

If you're looking to lose weight then you certainly don't want to use the new Food Pyramid as a tool to help you, because this guideline was created with no intentions to keep you thin and healthy.

If you're looking to get skinny then we have created a Secret Diet Plan which can allow you to lose weight fast, and more importantly our secret diet plan is easy to use (and it has been used by thousands of people this week alone successfully!).

--> This is why The Food Pyramid will make you fat

We know that people need an easy to follow menu in order to begin losing weight, since people don't want to read food labels and count calories (most people are too busy for that anyway).

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To begin losing weight fast we recommend using The Secret 2 Fat Loss because it does not require you to follow the Food Pyramid (it is one of the only diets in the world that enables you to lose weight without using the Food Pyramid!).

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Discover Why The Food Pyramid Will Make You Fat.


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