The Sonoma Diet vs. Atkins and South Beach


Our Honest Review:

The Sonoma diet has 3 distinct phases (called "waves") --- and these are similar to the various phases of the Atkins and South Beach phases.

Phase 1 of the Sonoma Diet is called the "Induction" phase, this phase serves the same general purpose as phase 1 of the Atkins and South Beach programs. This purpose being the elimination of high carbohydrate foods and processed foods.

Phase 1 of the Sonoma diet (the INDUCTION phase) lasts 10 days, and the purpose of this phase is to eliminate sugar based carbs, processed foods, unhealthy fats, and even healthy foods containing sugar such as fruit.

This approach is similar to the South Beach program in that it uses it's first phase to eliminate sugar, fruit and processed foods.

Now, the Atkins program has a similar type of "induction phase" that attempts to accomplish the same goal, fast weight loss in the beginning phase so it looks like you are getting results from the diet.

...The second phase of The Sonoma diet (wave 2), which is used to re-introduce some types of foods back into the diet, is similar to South Beach. Both plans use this second phase to bring back certain types of carbs (such as fruits) into the diet.

Same thing the Atkins diet, these diet are a one-trick-pony and they all give the same basic results in weight loss. They all start with decent weight loss in the first few weeks...then the weight starts to creep back thereafter.

The Sonoma diet's last and third phase (wave 3) is used when a dieter finally reaches their goal weight. This is a phase where the dieter attempts to "maintain" their weight loss (if they ave any still) for the rest of their lives. This is the phase where the dieter is expected to make the Sonoma diet a "lifestyle", and it allows more liberal food choices than the previous two phases.

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Basically, these three diets try to achieve the SAME EXACT results the SAME EXACT way!!!

....There's nothing original about these plans because there is no real science behind them other than the obvious fact that a low carb diet can give fast results the first two weeks of the diet...but what about thereafter?

Even though the foods are very different on the Sonoma diet -- it still has the same "eating principles" as the Atkins and South Beach diets and gives pretty much the same results (at least in our opinion anyway).

Of course, we're not saying that its the same as the Atkins and South Beach plans of course (since there are some major differences between all 3 diets)...however, if all 3 diets use the same methods, where is the advantage in any of them?

Our opinion: We do not recommend using the Sonoma Diet for the same reasons that we do not recommend using the Atkins or South Beach diets...they offer quick weight loss the first few weeks then fizzle off.

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