Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs vs. Horrible Carbs


The word "carbs" is a buzz word in diet circles all over the internet right now.

Every other diet out there claims to have the solution to losing weight and either say they are low carb or allow, which diet is actually the one worth trying?

Listen up, there is a secret to fat loss that no one is talking about right now and YOU can use it to start losing weight TODAY!

The word "carb" is basically a shorthand way of saying "carbohydrate".

A carbohydrate is one of the three major types of calories which contains energy. However, just because a food contains energy does not mean it will make you feel more energetic!

The truth is, not all carbs are fattening, there are specific types of carbs that are scientifically proven to put fat on your body. There are "good carbs", "bad carbs", and then there are the "HORRIBLE carbs"!

However, if you are overweight, then there is a 99% chance your diet contains a steady supply of "bad carbs" and "horrible carbs", so how do you enjoy using a diet if it means you have to completely avoid eating what you always eat?

Easy, you use a simple method of avoiding the exact carbs that are proven to cause fat gain while eating the carbs that can HELP weight loss!

For example, table sugar is a HORRIBLE carb, and most people think they know how to avoid sugar. However, sugar is deceptively added into many different foods and condiments. And unless you know exactly which foods and condiments it is added to, your weight loss efforts will be completely worthless.

Here's a great lie, most people falsely believe that eating foods sweetened with honey are somehow healthier than eating foods sweetened with sugar --- but the reality is that BOTH table sugar AND honey are HORRIBLE CARBS. In fact, honey is just as effective at making you fat as table sugar.

Why is this true?

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This is true because honey (and other bad /horrible carbs) cause your blood sugar level to rise sharply after a meal. This tells your body to start adding fat through several hormone changes, and this process is completely efficient at fat gain!

When your blood sugar rises, your body is forced to release very high amounts of a hormone called "insulin". Insulin is the last ditch effort to get your blood sugar level back to normal. The downfall, this blood sugar gets converted to fatty acids and stored in your fat cells as it's removed from your blood.

If you eat good carbs (those that do not cause "insulin spikes") then your blood sugar level will not skyrocket after each meal. End result? FAT BURNING!!! Plus, you'll feel more energetic all day long because your hormone levels will remain "flat-lined"...enabling you to be more active and raise your metabolism.

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