Food Portioning And Calorie Limitation Make You Fat!


Two of the most frequently asked questions from dieters are:

1- "How big should my food portions be?"

2- "How many calories should I be eating each day for fast weight loss?"

We are here to tell you, any diet that suggests eating according to food portions or calorie intake is a scam.

Fat loss is all about QUALITY not QUANTITY.

True, the quantity of food you eat will also have an effect on how much fat loss you can attain, but it is such a small effect that it isn't even worth talking about.

There are more important things for you to worry about if you want to lose weight than counting calories all day long and measuring what you eat.

This is a completely RIDICULOUS way to try and lose weight, and we'll explain why below.

Do you think fitness models and celebrities carry food journals around all day and keep track of everything they put into their mouth?

Absolutely NOT!!!

--> This is why Food Portioning makes you fat

The truth is that food portioning and calorie counting are your BIGGEST BARRIER to fat loss.

These two methods of dieting sabotage not only your current efforts in losing weight, but also destroy any hope of losing weight in the future!

You see, your body doesn't burn calories on a "per day" basis, your body burns calories on a "per meal" basis. Your body doesn't burn calories based on how many calories your last meal was, it burns calories throughout the day as your day is happening regardless of calorie intake.

This means that following some pencil neck nutritionists "daily caloric guideline" is not going to make you any thinner, nor will it increase your odds of keeping any weight loss off.

To speed up your metabolism you must eat more often, not less often. You must eat more than 3 meals per day, and you must not follow some arbitrary caloric guideline each day. Also, it's fair to say that most of the "guidelines" on the internet today are nothing but rumors designed to keep you gaining weight!!!

So, how can you trust all this free fat los information out there if it's designed to make and keep you fat!?

The truth? Simple...people who count calories usually fail at weight loss, and that's because counting calories doesn't work. We have created a way to choose your food portions at each meal which doesn't involve counting calories, and you can learn about our secret dieting method below.

Our new Secret Fat Loss Program creates a simple fat loss solution -- and it also allows you to eat until you feel fully satisfied (no specific calorie limits are needed).

To begin losing weight fast we recommend using The Secret 2 Fat Loss because it does not require you to count calories or portion your food (it is one of the only diets in the world that enables you to lose weight without counting calories!).

You can learn The Secret To Fat Loss here.

Discover Why Food Portioning Makes You Fat.


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